Practice Appraisals

Dental Practice Appraisal - Chicago Practice SalesPRACTICE APPRAISALS  – Our appraisers utilize a discipline-specific software program that considers many factors such as insurance composition, location, profitability, and market comparables to calculate a fair market value for your practice. In addition, our appraisers make a through on-site inspection of each practice that is evaluated.  Wendy Pesavento, Licensed Business Broker, uses a variety of methodologies generally accepted by the American Dental Association to value a dental practice.

5 Reasons dentists have their practice appraised

  1. Preparing to sell their dental practice
  2. Preparing for a partnership or associate buy-in
  3. Financial planning
  4. Estate planning
  5. Preparing for the untimely death or disability of the dentist

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