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Deciding whether or not to buy an existing practice can be one of the most important career decisions made by a doctor? Business ownership can offer control of time, financial security, and the opportunity to exercise a personal style of practice in a location of your choosing. Finding the right fit requires more than simply purchasing a business with positive cash flow.

Finding the right fit requires the ability to view the practice from several distinct perspectives. First and foremost, it is necessary to determine if the practice in question is a healthy business. Are the business systems in the practice current and effective? Is the staff willing to continue under new leadership and if so do they have the right knowledge, skill set, and abilities to change and grow with the vision of the new owner? Are the location and facility conducive to future growth and expansion? What is the projected salary that a buyer can expect to earn after paying the operational overhead and loan to purchase the practice? Most important, can the buyer maintain the practice status and develop the potential for future practice growth?

Business Evaluation Services and Appraisal
At Chicago Practice Sales, our appraisers and evaluation experts have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. We utilize a standardized, discipline-specific software program and conduct an on-site inspection of each practice that we appraise. Our experts can assist a buyer to understand the potential opportunities and challenges offered when considering a particular practice purchase.

Buyer Consulting
First time buyers can feel at a disadvantage when purchasing from a Seller who has experience buying or selling a practice. Our expert consultants have participated in hundreds of sales transactions and can help buyers bridge the knowledge and experience gap. Our brokers can negotiate price and terms on behalf of the buyer, provide draft documentation for attorney review, assist the buyer in conducting due diligence, and provide buyer/seller transition consulting services upon request.


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