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Wendy Pesavento - Chicago Dental brokerWendy Pesavento, Chicago Dental Broker, has been in both the clinical and business arena of the healthcare industry for the past twenty-two years. She has a degree in accounting from Purdue University, a certificate in computer science and information systems, and has completed over 90 hours of practice valuation education. Wendy is a registered business broker in the state of Illinois.

In the past 15 years, Wendy Pesavento has valued more than 350 healthcare practices, successfully assisted over 450 practice sales, and facilitated hundreds of “for sale by owner” (FSBO) transactions.  See current listings…

Wendy is also an established business consultant in the healthcare field and the co-owner of Cutting Edge Practice, Inc. Cutting Edge is a firm which offers management consulting services and turn key practice start up services in the dental and optometric fields. In addition, Wendy lectures extensively on dental practice sales topics and consulting topics to state societies, professional study clubs, dental schools, trade associations, and company sponsored seminars. If you are in need of a speaker for an upcoming event please contact Wendy at 773-502-6000 or wendy@chicagopracticesales.com.